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Dr M A P Rao was born in a Village called Vemuluru near Kovvur Mandal West Godavari in Andhra Pradesh He hails from highly cultured and popular family of Manchiraju Veeraju Garu, the village Karanam. His father and mother were highly devotional .He inherited great Mantras from his father, mother and his holiness Sri Guru Nanna Garu. He achieved divine experience. He is a clairvoyant . He is bestowed with divine powers. He is an Upasaka of Lord Hanuman and Rama and attained Mantra Siddi.

Dr .M A P Rao - the Scientist

Dr. M A P Rao is a great scientist. His contributions to science are remarkable. He made a break through discovery. He headed and participated in science symposium in Japan. He specialized in atomic Physics. Took Doctorate from AIIMS in Physics.

About Dr Rao's Family

Dr M A P Rao 's Family is from Delhi. Smt Leela B.A Literature, wife of Dr. M A P Rao is a voracious reader. Smt.Hima , daughter of Dr.M A P Rao is married to Anil Potharaju from States. She is a great psychologist and software engineer. Venkatesh is the only son of Dr. M A P Rao. He is high tech fashion technologist He married Renuka another fashion technologist.

"Dr. Rao is one of the most eminent scientists we have among us. His publications and discoveries in the scientific world have been of utmost importance.

Behind every man's success there is a woman, so has been Mrs Leela devi whose selfless devotion towards her husband is a lesson to all of us. she is the driving force for our family ."~ says Hima his daughter from US

Rao was born at Vemuluru, a Village in Kovvur Mandal of Andhra Pradesh in a highly cultured and popular family in the year 1937. Both his father, Shri.Manchiraju Veerraju, the village Karanam and mother, Smt. Durgamaba were initiated into the worship of Lord Hanuman and Lord Rama by a great saint, His Holiness "Guru Nanna Garu", who established Maruti Pranava Ashram at Bapatla. Although Rao is a scientist, he learnt the Veda mantras from parents and explored deep both in science and spirituality. Rao has made 480 sketches of devatas, maharshis , and saints, purely with divine force.