Personal Info

Dr.M V R Sharma hails from Vemulru, a village near Kovvur Mandal West Godavari District,Andhra Pradesh. His Father Manchiraju Veerraju Garu, a karnam (Patwar) of Vemulru, is a renowned person in the entire district. His Mother Kanaka Durgamba, a Godmother of the community around used to cure villagers' ailments by her Mantra Shakti and used to solve their family disputes amicably, hence was adored as Amma by the entire folk in and around. His wife Smt.M Lalitha Devi a blessed product from the family of Kasturies of Anaparthy of East Godavary District is a highly devotional Lady-the Lady behind the success of Dr.Sarma, the Good Samaritan Doctor.

Dr.Sarma did his Medical schooling at Kurnool Medical College,Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh in the year 1970. He did M.Sc. (Anatomy) from NTR Health University, Vijayawada AP. He was an identified personaslity in his very beginning of hie Medical career and had good following. He organised tours with his classmates to places like Hampi,Srisailam,Alampuram,Mahanandi,Lepakshi etc.,

Career Info

Sevagram - a place where seeds of service were sown:

He commenced his service to the community from Sevagaram near Wardha of the then Vidarbha of Maharatastra in Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences as a senior resident in the Department of Orthopedics under guidance of Dr.Damle.Sevagram a place known to entire India, for Gandhiji the Nation builder's activities before independence. He got an opportunity of serving a wounded Lambadi thanda in a building collapse. He successfully attended to them to their complete recovery and won the appreciation of the Dr. A suseela Nair Director of MGIMS - a sincere Gandhian.

A sleek turn within the profession:

Inspired by the commitment of Dr.Kane, Professor of Anatomy to the student community Dr.Sarma joined as Demonstrator in the Department of Anatomy in the same institute. He developed Osteology wing of Anatomy Museum with his own creativity and the specimens can be seen even today at Sevagram.

Acquired the quality as a speaker and a successful faculty:

In the very beginning as he hailed from a remote village, he was quite shyful to face the educated and to express his feelings. Later with the exposure to various eminent personalities who frequently used to visit Sevagram he developed an efficient extempore presentation skills and is successful in delivering information on general as well as Medical topics to the various segments of the community.

The inborn didactic element in him, made Dr.Sarma an exemplary lecturer. He was liked by students and the colleagues. The Gandhian thought of selfless service and Shrama Daan blossomed in him in this place of Mahatama's Ashram. Later he joined Rangaraya Medical College in Kakinada as faculty member.

His profound love of service to humanity took him to villages. He served east and west Godavari district people in PHCs of Pedanindra Kolanu, Kamavarupu Kota and Pamarru. Currently he is working as deputy civil surgeon in Government hospital Mandapeta.

He always worshipped his work. His patients throng around him as if he is their saviour and god. His words cajole them as friend philosopher and guide and cure them of their diseases. Where ever he worked he developed the hospital to the peak.

He conducted number of free camps for eye operation. He took very active part in eradication of Small pox, He campaigned and implemented Pulse Polio. He is the king pin of the most of the Janmabhoomi programmes in Mandapeta.

His service to the poor and ailing was recognized by the state government of Andhra Pradesh. He was awarded as the best doctor of East Godavari by the then District collector -Sri Sameer Sarma.

He retired as Resident Medical Officer in Government Hospital,Mohaboobnagar.

Currently he is wrking as a faculty member in Anatomy depatment in G S L Medical College Rajahmundry, E G Dt AP India.

The six virtues which follow him

The six virtues which follow him like the bullets in this page are-

 His altruistic work.

  His Kindness and leadership.

 His philanthrapic service to the poor.

 His tireless vigour and readiness to work 24 hours.

 His divine grace which helped him to be honest to the core.

 His high-degree sense of development of the places of his work.


His Interests

Travelling, visiting and exploring new places and temples, driving long distances, movie watching, working on the computer , drawing ,painting & photography. Taking up any projects useful to the society, for example renovating the old temples. 'Serving the country is serving god' is his practicing hobby.

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Dr. M V R Sarma

Sri Bhanu Apartments

Duggirala Street Frazerpet

Kakinada 533001

Andhra Pradesh India

Mobile: 09848374322