MP -the Star performer

He has been in multimedia for more than two and half decades, from the time Vividh Bharati in Telugu was launched by All India Radio.He produced a number of Corporate Profiles, Documentaries, Avs, Radio Sponsored Programmes, Radio Spots, Jingles, Van Publicity Progs, In-house Language versions to the TV commercials and serials, Concepts, Language Copies, etc. and won several excellency awards.

Proctor & Gamble, Levers, Grey, Madison, Mudra, Hoechst, Sandoz, Glaxo, are some of his valued clientele whom he has been serving with a number of Radio, TV productions including Language versions. He had written and broadcasted more than 300 dramas in Telugu through All India Radio.  

Shri Guru Charan Das of Proctor & Gamble, with a special letter of appreciation acclaimed his contribution to Ariel launching in India (Vizag, Andhra Pradesh as the base). Its launch was a never- before success against the strongly established brands of Livers. His themes on mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law duels and compromises have been a great success. He had many popular jingles to his credit.

Proctor & Gamble was not keen on Radio, until he had convinced them about the potential of Radio and proved it to them. In this context, Pulusu Radio Spot produced by him was sent to Cincinnati, P & Gs International Center for media. His presentation had a tremendous response from Mr.Tom. Subsequently, he had produced hundreds of Radio productions for several of their products in several languages.

Personification of Ekalux as Mahabali, a pesticide from Sandoz had brought it all- time -hit response from the farmers of Andhra Pradesh.