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Puranapanda's Message

Sri Puranapanda Radhakrishna Murty

Sri Puranapanda Radhakrishna Murthy has established Bhagavtha Mandiram for the purpose of Propagating Dharma through distribution of his books . His best mission is to distribute one crore of Rama Raksha Stotrams by 2003 Godavari Pushakaram.The founder of the Bhagavatha Mandiram, Rajahmundry, Puranapanda Radhakrishna Murthy said that he had already distributed 68 lakh copies of the Stotram as against a target of one crore. Balance 32 lakh books is to be distributed . He appealed to all Telugu populace around the globe to make his mission a grand success.

He is the second son of Brahmasri.Puranapanda Rama Murty Garu, who championed the propagation of Hindu Epics through his translations of Ramayanam, Bharatham, Bhgavatham and other popular religious works. His elder brother is the most popular personality of All India Radio, Sri Ushasri. After the demise of Sri Ramamurty Garu, their father, Sri Radha krishna Murty stepped into the shoes of his father, dedicating his life to the propagation of Dharma and religious works.

He is publishing with the help of voluntary contributions from philanthropists and bhaktas. He distributes Rama Raksha stotram free of cost.

He is an Upasaka of Hanuman and Devi. He suggests and gives Yantras for various problems. Many visit Bhagavatha Mandiram to get the blessings from this great pious personage. He resides in a simple house on the holy banks of Gadavari river. His house is a real Mandir and it reverberates with serene vibrations of Rama Raksha Stotram of this altruist author-publisher of Rajahmundry.

Geetha Press of Gorakpur identified Sri Puranapanda's zeal to serve people and requested him to translatea few books in to Telugu and made them available to public at a low price. Puranapanda is household name for Telugu people around the world. Invariably his books are present in every house where Bhakti is present. His perpetual service to humanity at large is admirable. All the devotees are requested to correspond / contact him and see that his mission of distributing one crore copies of Sri Rama Raksha Stotrams is fulfilled in time.

For further details address to

Sri Puranapanda Radhakrishan Murty
Bhagavatha Mandiram
29-6-13, Jayasree Talkies Road, near Surya Hotel,
Rajahmundry- 533 104. Phone: 462964

Books from Bhagavata Mandiram

Puranapanda's Message

Stotra Ratnavali(bound)

2 Gayatri Divya Shakti(with illustations).
3 Sri Devi Mahatmyam.
4 Sri.Lalitha Stotram.
5 Sri Rama Raksha Stotram.
6 Sri Lalithopasana Sarvaswam.
7 Hanumatprabha
8 Sri Rama Raksha Stotram Cassette
9 Mani Dweepa Varnana Cassette
10 Vishnu Sahasram pocket size
11 Kalyaana Vaani
12 Sri Lalithamruta Lahari
13 Sivananda Soundaryalaharulu
14 Soka Santhiki Upaayaalu
15 Sri Lalitha Sahasram Cassette
16 Sri Lalitha Vishnu Siva Stotra Ratnalu
17 Sri Krishna Leelamrutham
18 Aadhyatma Ramayanam
19 Stotra Ratnavali
20 Maha Daata Karna-Vachanam
21 Bheeshma Pitamahudu-Vachanam
22 Sundarakanda-Vachanam

For prices and other particulars.Pleas contact Shri.Puranapanda Radhakrishna Murty

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