Step 1

Sarva- unmadini mudra:

Sarva-ardhasadhaka (accomplisher of all objectives) enclosure of Sri-Cakra is the abode of this mudra sakti. As explained in mahanarayanopanishad this mudra sakti occupies the daharakasa (space of the heart) of the seeker as a tongue of Fire, as slender as the awn of a paddy grain (nivara-suka), blessing him with brahma caitanya.

Sah is the bija of this mudra-sakti dominated by jyestha sakti principle.

This mudra is presented by joining and holding thumb (angustha), pointing finger (tarjani), middle finger (madhyama) and the little fingers (kanishtika) of both hands facing up and pointing the ring fingers (amamika) together as shown in the above photographs.