Step 1

Sarva-yoni mudra:

Sarva-anandamaya (filled with all Bliss) enclosure of Sri Cakra is the abode of this mudra-sakti. This is also known by the name kama kala. Kama suggests the proactive Brahman principle (sabala brahma) which is as slender as the (iksana) with a resolve to expand; kala implies the infinite empirical universe unfolded from kameswara.

Prakasa-vimarsa aspects of siva-sakti fill this enclosure.

Aim is the bija mantra of this mudra sakti that is saving the seeker from the consequential deficiencies arising out of the errors of omission and commission in his approach for self-realization.

This mudra is presented by joining and holding folding both the little fingers (kanishtika) upwards, holding the ring finger of the right hand on that of the left hand and hold them with the pointing fingers(tarjani), joining the middle fingers (madhyama) and joining the thumbs (angusta) and little fingers (kanishtika) pointing downwards as shown in the above photographs.