Introduction to Kanakadhara Stotram

One day in the sacred Rishi tradition Bhagvadpada Sri Adi Sankarachrya went to one old woman's house for alms (biksha).

She was so poor, she was not having a proper dress and anything worth the name to give as biksha. So with the entrance door of her house slightly ajar, she reached out swamiji with her hand stretched and dropped one amlaka fruit (which was the only thing available in her house) into the hands of Sri Sankaracharya.

Sri Sankaracharya was deeply touched at the plight and haplessness of the woman - So he chanted Kanakadharaa stotram and prayed Goddess Lakshmi to extend Her Grace on the woman. The giver of wealth Goddess Lakshmi showered as rain - Golden Amlaka fruits in the house of the old woman.

This Stotram has been acclaimed as Kanaka Dharaa Stavam - and it is sure to bless all devotees who extol Sri Devi with all unflinching devotion.