While resting foot on the floor After meal
Immediately After Getting Up While consuming medicine
While seeing Sun god While going on a work
While brushing the teeth While travelling
While taking bath in a river While gazing at moon
On Rathasaptami While starting on tour
While taking sea bath While lighting the lamp
While applying Vibhooti Before sleeping
While applying Kumkum To get rid of troubles
While wearing Yajnopaveetham To achieve our goal
While removing the old Yajnopaveetham To accomplish the work commenced
While offering the garland to god For Subham
While offering the agarbatti to god To accomplish the most difficult work
While lighting the deepam For Soubhagyam
While offering the Nivedyam For seeking excuse from god
While offering the Saastanga Namaskaram To beget a child
Mangal Slokam To get rid of poverty
While ringing the bell For recovering from a discease
While offering Neerajanam For remedy from Sani Dhosham
While leaving Pooja phal to god Guru Stuti
While taking Teertham Looking through the horns of Nandi
Before meal While perfoming Pradhakshina
Before meal while offering Mahanivedyam While praying to Tulasi
Our heartfelt thanks to Sri.Varanasi Venkateswa Sastry Garu. He helped us immensely in preparing the material for Eventful Stotras. Sri Varanasi Venkatewara Sasrty Garu is a great Sanskrit Scholar.

Note: These stotras are to be uttered with lot of Bhakti to yield good results.They are part of our Hindu Culture.