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The word ‘Retirement’ is a traumatic one for many a soul. The daily schedule takes a complete new turn. What to do now? Wait of death? How? Many are awestruck by this change of life and soon slip into oblivion.

Having retired a decade back, while continuing the service to patients, somewhere in the corner of brain struck that spiritual thoughts are very essential. Then I recollected the words of my Guru Paramacharya, that mere thinking alone is not productive and that I should share with others. I started writing some articles and sharing with others. One of them is Hinduism. Though I am inclined to write in Telugu language, I opted for English on larger interest, since the subject is for all Indians.

Hinduism helps us to protect ancient traditions of immense spiritual value. Our Sanatana Dharma is maintained on the principles of Hinduism which is depicted in our Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas. This has been stressed by the age old saints, Gurus and scholars.
The article of mine is a simple description from past to present.

In Hinduism, the Hindu calendar constitutes an element of auspiciousness, play a vital role and it connects a true Hindu to his/her religion. Even though it may not be possible to follow all the aspects of this culture in today’s environment, it is good to be aware of it and strive to reach the ideals. These are otherwise named as “Astrology”. I am not at all an astrologer. While giving the details of Hinduism, I intended to procure and to project some details in this regard.

Marriage in Hinduism is a sacred relationship. It is both an obligatory duty (dharma) and a samskara (sacrament). As such, the necessity of Marriage as discussed by good old saints is furnished.

The subject is vast and interconnected to many cultures, Bhakti and puja etc. While performing puja, the Mantras play a major role and therefore some details are given on Mantras also.

There are innumerable books, discourses, articles and web sites on Hinduism.
If my humble attempt enables a majestic walk on our Hindu Culture, I am blessed.

Yagnanarayana Sastry
For Telulgu Bhakti Pages