Nothing is impossible in the dictionary of man. Look at the word impossible critically it also conveys a secret and miraculous meaning Iím possible.

To achieve anything you require- Strong determination, perseverance and undaunted spirit. First of all we need to set our target before us. The age you are in - is right age. Suppose you dream to become computer engineers, now itself you should spend at least half an hour on computers. You should learn more about computers. You should make friendship with people, who are well versed with computers. When you are asked about ambition you should say my first ambition is to become a computer engineer, my second ambition is to become a computer engineer is computers. My Third ambition is to become a computer engineer and so on. That is the kind of determination you should have and then work towards achieving your goal. This strong zeal will lead you to your goal.

So think of your goal right Now. All the best.