A little act kindness not only pleases the receives but also influences the onlookers and changes them for the better.

A few years ago, at the Seattle Special Olympics ...

... nine contestants, all physically or mentally disabled, assembled at the starting line for the 100-yard dash. At the gun, they all started out, not exactly in a dash, but with a relish to run the race to the finish and win. But one little boy stumbled on the asphalt, tumbled over a couple of times, and began to cry. The other eight heard the boy cry. They slowed down and looked back. Seeing his pitiable condition they all turned around and went back...every one of them.

One girl with Down's syndrome bent down and kissed him and said, "This will make it better." Not only laughter is contagious, even good nature is contagious. Then all nine linked arms and walked together to the finish line. Everyone in the stadium stood, and the cheering went on for several minutes. People who were there are still telling the story.

Why? Because deep down we know this one thing: winning for ourselves may matter to us, but what matters in this life is helping others win, even if it means slowing down and changing our course. If you read this and pass this on, it means it affected your heart and may be able to change someone else's too.

"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle" From a moderate love great love occurs.  Great love grows and grows.