Bad people can easily influence others, but good are no less.  They too can bring out the good in others.

There was a severe drought in a village and when an old timer predicted that the drought would continue for another three years, the farmers there lost heart and migrated to the city with their families.

One farmer however stayed behind. He did not waste a single minute He ploughed his field, sowed seeds and continued to work as if he were expecting normal rainfall.

One day, a passing cloud was surprised at his actions. Unable to contain the curiosity shouted down to him.

Why are you working so hard? Dont you know there wont be rain for another three years?

Oh Yes, I know that, replied the man, but if I dont plough and sow and do all the other things Im used to, I might forget them for good and then I would cease to be a farmer.

This made the cloud question itself.  It thought And if I dont give rain for three years, I might forever lose the ability to do so

It began to shed its moisture. That had put other clouds in the mood for rain too, and soon it started raining cats and dogs.

The drought was over. One mans determination had averted a catastrophe.

Self discipline and treating work as worship brought the impossible results quite simply !