What makes man a superior creature?

Early man was no better than the beast. He drank, slept like any other animal. Such man lives today in society with noble qualities like kindness, compassion, controlling wrath and selfishness and enjoying literature, art and music, dance etc., while other animals have continued to be the same. The mighty elephant remains the same elephant and beautiful peacock the same peacock.

Man had advanced materially and spiritually. All animals have brains but only man has intellect and the ability to think. If we look back in human history, we find that it is religion which has tamed the primitive instincts of violence, greed, selfishness and promoted kindness, compassion etc.,

The Rig Veda says

Aakshat Prathitham toyam yada gachati Sagaram.  Sarva deva namaskarha kesavam pratigachati.

Just as the drops of rain, which fall from the sky, go to the ocean, worship of every god reach the Supreme Being.

Lord Krishna told Arjuna in Bhagvadgeetha.

Ye yath mam prapadayyante Tans thaive Bajami Aha mama Vartama anvatante mnushaHA PARTE SARVSAH.

In whatever form men worship, in the same way I fulfil their desire.

Religion should teach us to love one another but not to hate one another.

A visitor to a school asked the correspondent

Whether they have specially allocated class to teach religion. The reply from the correspondent was:  “We teach it all day long.”

“We teach it in arithmetic, by accuracy.”

“We teach it in history, by humanity.”

“We teach it in science, by reverence.”

“We teach it in PT, by fair play.”

“We teach it in our Language Lab, by expression.”

“We teach it in our school by preaching humanity and by practicing humanity.”

So the quintessence of any religion is to practice Humanity. Be Human that is the way God.