Mere prayer will not do.
  We should humble ourselves before God.

Once upon a time there was a poor man. He was very pious and used to pray to God daily. He used to ask every holy man he met why God was not taking pity on him and helping him .One day a holy man took pity on him and prayed to God to make the poor man rich. God being ever merciful appeared to the Holy man and told him that even if He wanted to help the poor man it was of no use as the poor man's ego was coming in the way. But the Holy man insisted that God should give a chance to the poor man.

At last God relented and told the holy man “Well! see for yourself, I will give him a chance".

Accordingly, God made a bundle of very costly gems and put it in the path of the poor man while he was coming to pray.

On that day the poor man thought, "Well for the last forty years I have been walking the same path. So let me see if I can walk with my eyes closed".

So the poor man started walking with his eyes closed. He hit the bundle of gems which the God had kept in his way with his legs but took it to be some stones and did not open his eyes to see. So he kept walking. A trader who was coming behind saw the bundle and took it.

The poor man remained poor as before, for the simple reason he did not shed his ego.