Personal liberty and the love of work brings out the best in anyone. Tansen was a great musician in the court of Emperor Akbar in Delhi.

Akbar was charmed by his music and he said, "there is none who can equal you in music".
Tansen replied, "No my lord, there is one person"

Akbar got curious. Tansen explained, "He is no ordinary person. His name is Haridas and he is a saint. He lives in Vrindaban and he is my guru."

Akbar wanted to invite Saint Haridas to the court to listen to his singing. Tansen replied, "He will not stir out of Vrindaban. Many have tried to persuade him but failed".

Akbar said I would like to listen to his music. Tansen replied, "If you are willing to come disguised as my disciple, I can take you there and I will try to make him sing when we are there"

Akbar immediately agreed. So, a disguised Akbar and Tansen left for Vrindaban. On reaching the place of the Saint Tansen and Akbar paid their respects to the Saint. The saint did not sing at all.

In the evening, Tansen started singing. While singing, he deliberately made a mistake. His trick worked immediately the Saint corrected him and to explain the correction started singing. Akbar and Tansen sat spellbound listening to his singing. It was the most divine music that Akbar had ever heard.

After sometime, the saint absorbed in meditation fell unconscious. Akbar said, "You should be blessed to have such a teacher. How does he sing so well?"

Tansen replied, "He does not sing for mere mortals like me. He sings for God. That is why his music is so good"

If you do any work in the thought of god and for god without expecting any materialistic reward it will turn out to be the ultimate work.