We don’t realize that when one door is closed for us, the other door is always open.

A 10 year old boy had lost his left arm in an accident but he was determined to learn Judo. Accordingly he learnt judo for some years and his master had entered him for a tournament. The boy was stunned. He asked his master how he could participate since he learnt only one move. But the master assured him and said ” I have taught you the only move you ever need to know”

At the tournament he easily won the first two matches. The third was tougher. He was getting the worst of it. At a  critical moment, his opponent made a mistake and gave him the opportunity to use the only move he knew. He did not the miss the chance. So he had come to  the finals. In finals, his opponent was bigger, stronger and more experienced. But almost towards the end his opponent repeated the mistake of the previous one the boy attacked him with the only move he knew and won the match and the tournament.

Then the master explained why he had confidence in him. For two reasons- ‘one you have almost mastered one of the most difficult throws in Judo and two the only defence against that move is for your opponent to grab your left arm’.

The boy realised that his biggest weakness had become his greatest strength. So if we are weak in something.  It means we are strong in something else.  The only problem is to identify that something else.