Kriya Yoga from Centrifugal Ideas to Centripetal Insight by Shibendu Lahiri

As narrated by Anant Kumar and Jai Prakash Singh - Kriya Yoga is the science of centripetal insight. This is clarity in thinking, charity in feeling and chastity in behavior. This science has to be understood and practiced. Only then, there can be freedom from ache, anguish, tension & turmoil and perversions & paranoia. But practice without transformation pondering is profane; Information without transformation is gossip and garbage. Through profound practice with pondering on the ways of self peace, protection, prosperity, perception of the wholeness and energy of pure understanding can be achieved. This is to be realized for and emphasized on ‘nirmanavastha’ (state of no –mind) or ‘Sthiprajnvashta’ (State of equanimity) which he calls the ‘natural state’. Knowing not believing is discipline of ‘Kriya Yoga’ and love is its fulfillment. Hence to be perceived within the heart this devastating message of Param Pujya Gurudev take dip into the pious and perennial flow of ‘kriya’ form kriya – gangotri’ of Lahiri Mahasay. Kriya Yoga is courage to surrender oneself, the courage to annihilate the pride, the courage to become a void. He who is willing to disappear attains fulfillment and he who is willing to die achieves life.

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