Foundations OF Dharma
Swami Paramananda Bharati

Preface: Padmashri Dr. HC Vishweshwariah, Former Vice-chancellor, Rurki University

Pujya sri paramananda bharati swamiji is an yathi sreshta and seer in the lineage of the Advaita tradition with an unsual purvarshrama background of academic excellence in both attainments and teaching and research in science and mathematics in an institution of national importance for higher learning..

He is a thought leader in Vedanta. He has been reaching out to the contemporary seekers with the precision of a modern scientist and the knowledge of a traditional vedantist. The modern tools and examples from scientific knowledge, now available to explain vedanta have been extensively used by swamiji, within the framework of the related Shankara Bhashyas. His book ‘vedanta prabhoda’ is a treatise which enables structured and understanding of the difficult texts of Vedanta.

Swamiji’s scholarship and exposition of Vedas have dispelled many doubts and questions which had remained unanswered. His incisive exposition of Vedanta in the framework of the shankara bhashyas has gained wide recognition and is regarded as the true conflict –free basis for the understanding of advaita philosophy of Adi shankara

Realizing that insufficient knowledge and misrepresentation of the truth have given rise to many doubts in the modern minds, Swamiji was requested by seekers and devotees to simplify and explain more basic questions such as: does god exit? Who wrote the Vedas? Is there rebirth? In addition, the never ending questions about our life, happiness value systems and dharma which haunt modern human society, have also been addressed from time by time the swamiji.

In the last three years, a series of lectures based on the Vedas, were delivered by the Swmiji in Bangalore on the theme FOUNDATION OF DHARMA; the lectures were invariably followed by questions and answers sessions relating to a wide range of subjects. On the request of devotees and seekers, some basic issues covered in these deliberations, have now been brought out in the form of this small book-FOUNDATION OF DHARMA-to help wider dissemination and to help dispel the darkness surrounding traditions and beliefs in Sanatana Dharma. The book aims at providing a foundation for the seeker to understand the basic questions and to help and encourage him in his transition to seek the eternal Truth- addressed by swamiji in depth- in his book entitled Vedanta Prabhoda.