My Baba - the loving God.

Author: - Sri M.S.B. Prasad.

Materialisation of Vibhuti, nectar, kukum, haldi, rings, lockets , gold chains, pictures, idols - Swami (Putaparthi Sai Baba) says these are very trifling things, just His ‘Visiting cards’. But to the fortunate devotee receiving such tokens of the Lord’s Grace they are inmensely precious, for the simple reason that they carry with them the love of their beloved swami. They are blessed pieces and bless the receipient too! Like the philosopher’s stone, they transform base metal to precious gold (Bangaru) says the write Sri M.S.B. Prasad of the book ‘My Baba - the Loving God’.

The writer narrates many such visiting cards experienced by him. A saunch devotee of Saibaba, Chinna Lakshmi had a long discourse with the writer in June 1974 in which she implored him to turn away from temporal pursuits and to seek God.

In March 1999 he was asked to get a message from Chinna Lakshmi of what Swami told her about him , but he couldn’t get it till 1st December 2001. The message ran thus - ‘That prasad, M.S.B. Prasad. You remember, did I not tell you about it in 1978 that he would ultimately come into My path ? Now you see, it all came out correctly. Find out from Prasad himself whether it was all true or not. ‘It continued that this Prasad was born into a family which worshipped Kaala Bhyrava Swami. It was because he was cruel to a dog in his previous janma. He knew about it through the naadi reading in 1970s. He got it read in connection with his elder daughter Lakshmi’s marriage. ‘He is doing much service to Swami (He was translating Sai Vrata Kalpa). Tell him, ‘Santhosham’. I am watching everything. I will ever be with every one of you. I am always with you’. Swami had perfectly imitated his voice and his style of reciting Telugu verses. Chinna Lakshmi was perplexed when she heard it, since she had never known his particular fondness for the Kannappa episode from Dhoorjati. Swami has the thus revealed it all and also unravelled the mystery of his dog “Tommy Rao.”

There are many such episodes which describe how Swami speaks, how swami decides, how swami heals , how swami guides and so on. What’s special about this book is, it has an introduction to any topic, its details, its corelation with some other incident and the writer’s analysis of the situation. For instance aftesr describing a miraculous incident Tejaswi getting a visa, Sri Prasad sums it up this way - The Tejaswi episode and Swami’s message to him demonstrate one thing clearly. What happens to a human being and his progress through life follows on pre-ordained lines depending on his actions-past and present. At the same time, he is also given some room for acting according to his free will. This is where he has to reflect, exercise vivek, Jnaan and elect the shreyas path instead of the preyas path.

The highlight of the writing is the all pervading Swami’s message is all pervading in the book. To quote just one example of Swami’s message - ‘Swami is already by her side. the devotion of any man is also like a tax on me and I have no pay it off when the right time comes with such superior devotion as his (Prasad’s), he can be assured for life that nothing will ever go wrong. His daughter will be back home in the next two days - Swami had pulled her out of danger. Even now Swami is sitting next to her, Blessing Swami’.

One thing I can vouch safe is that while reading the book, I did not feel it as a mere book but I could feel the vibrations in it. It is a garland of miraculous experiences and one can feel the living presence of God. God speaks to us in many ways is proved in many ways by the devotee Sri Prasad.

Reviewed by: Smt. Madduri Rajyasri

Name of the book - My Baba the loving God
Written name - Sri M.S.B. Prasad
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