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For the first time in my life, I am trying to write a book-review. Kindly bear with me, if it does not stand to your scrutiny or satisfy your eagerness to know fully about the book or quench your thirst to know at least a few incidents narrated in the book !!! For that, I wish you to read the book. In fact, a few sentences I have borrowed from the book itself to write this review. Here I go:

Review: Face to Face with Sri Ramana Maharshi.

India is legitimately proud of its rich and variegated heritage as well as its saints, seers, sages, etc., from times immemorial. Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi is one of the unique shining stars on the spiritual firmament of our country. He needs no introduction to a spiritually oriented mind of India or Indian origin or for that matter any person, who has spiritual bent of mind.

The bok contains first-hand experiences of 160 individuals, including 28 foreigners from across the globe, who visited / interacted with Sri Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950). Some of these persons also had an opportunity to serve / live with Him. The book provides a comprehensive, though not exhaustive, record of such experiences. Though the number of beneficiaries of the Maharshi's grace is very large, there is lack of inclination and inspiration of the individuals to record the event.

The reminiscences tell us about the Maharshi's philosophy, His teachings, His love for all living beings, including animals and plants. The book helps to understand the Maharshi's philosophy, which is to achieve Self-realisation through persistent and intensive introspection on the basic question - Who am I? The text offers an insight into the myriad dimensions of the life at the Maharshi's ashram on the Arunachala hill and in its vicinity.

The reader can easily notice the scholastic work with reverential faith of the Compiler-Editor Prof. Laxmi Narain from the fact that he has provided annotations, in addition to giving biographical information, for better comprehension of the significance of Sri Ramana Maharshi to the common reader.

The book is a precious treasure for many other reasons. Apart from reminiscences of the devotees, the book has also allocated 12 pages for a brief life sketch of Sri Ramana Maharshi to help the new readers to know, understand and appreciate the background of this great Yogi and Guru. There are a number of poems (13 precisely) also in praise of Sri Ramana Maharshi. In five annexures, it gives brief notes on Mount Arunachala and the temple of Arunachaleswara, Karthikai Deepam or Deepam Festival, the Periapuranams story of great Siva Bhakta - Kannappan Naayanaar, the Cow Lakshmi, and Dakshinamurthi. In addition, the book also contains glossary of non- English words and important Sanskrit and Tamil words referred to in the text, references of the sources of material used, highlights of 160 contributors, an alphabetical list of contributors, along with their serial Nos., a list of accolades showered on Sri Ramana Maharshi with page-wise list and an index.

Most of the experiences narrated by the devotees will bring tears of joy and influx of spiritual fervour to the reader.

The book is certainly a good companion and valuable addition to one seeking the spiritual path. So, enjoy it !!!

1. Name of the Book: Face to Face with Sri Ramana Maharshi.
2. Language of the Book: English.
3. Author: Compiled and Edited by Prof. Laxmi Narain.
4. Price of the book: Rs. 225.00 plus Rs. 30.00 (postage).
5. Publisher and address preferably with telephone numbers:
Sri Ramana Kendram, 2-2-1109, Batakammakunta, Sivam Road,
Hyderabad - 500 013, Andhra Pradesh. Tel. No. 040-2742 4092

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