Audio Support

We are thankful to Sri I V S Rao , a Sanskrit scholar , an excellent singer and a practising lawyer who rendered his sonorous voice for selected poems from Sriamdbahgavatham and Gajendra Moksham .He also allowed us to use Kanakdhara Stotram and Sri Devi Chatushati Upchara pooja from his musical albums in our site ( This was recorded for and inaugarated at Sri Sankaracharya's Kanchikamakoti Peetam).

We are thankful to Sri Polanki Suryanarayana, a Music mastro who sung melodiously Anadaamrutha Varshini, Meenakshi Mudam, Paalinchu Meenakshi, Seethamma Maa Amma,Sri Vara Lakshmi, Maha Ganapathim, Muddu Gare Yasodaku, Govinda Miha, Brovabharama, Brahma Kadigina Paadmu etc.,

We are thankful to Sri.K.Raghu Babu, sub-registrar, renowned as Apara Ghantasala, who has rendered his vocal exuberance in Vemana and Annamayya songs.

We are thankful to Smt.D.Aruna Yasoda the Academic Director of St.Alphonsa's Educational Society Hyderabad and Smt.K.Ramani, the music teacher in St.Alphonsa's High School Hyderabad who have lent their vocal excellence.They glorified our audio gallery by their rich songs on Desa Bhakti and Annamayya.

We are thankful to Smt.D.Kalyani popularly known as president Mr. Abdul Kalam's music teacher, who has lent her vocal magesty.She trasformed our audio gallery literally into Gana Gandhrva Gallery.

We are thankful to Sri. K S Rao and Smt.M Rajya Sri who have lent their voices to Vratas and related stotras and facilitated Vratas Section of Bhakti Pages.

We are also thankful to Smt.Marthi.Indira , Smt.Radha, Smt. Leela Gayatri, Smt.Lakshmi Sarada Sri SomeswaraSarma and Sri Somanath for allowing us to use their melodious songs titled - Lalitha Sahasra Namam, Asta Lakshmi, Bhramaraba Stuti, Saradaambaku from their Musical Albums.

This Musical team sang 8 Musical Albums.

  • Sree Devi Gaana Tarangini Vol I & II
  • Lalitha Sahasra Namam
  • Sreenivasa Bhakti Gana Lahari
  • Sree Datta Gana Lahari
  • Sree Satya Sai Gana Lahari Vol I & II
  • Sree Gana Taragini
  • Sree Siva Gana Tarangini

These Musical Cassettes are availabe at the following address:

Smt. M.Indira
3-4-484/2, Lingampalli, Hyderabad 500027
Phone: 040 7564495

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