Rishi Vani


Dr Raparla Janardhana Rao


ABOUT SHIR RAPARLA JANARADHANA RAO, THE AUTHOR “RISHI VANI “ Dr.Raparla Janardhana Rao, aged 84. Holds Masters Degree in English. Native of Machilipatnam, Krishna District. AP. Happily married and has four sons. One son died at 31 years. Wife, a Sanskrit and Hindi Pundit, Sesharatna Kumari with 50 years of married life, left this world 7 years ago.

Telugu original version of "Rishi Vani" was written by the joint effort of Dr Rao and his wife. The English version of it was done by Dr. Rao at Washington DC while staying with his son's family, staying for a change of air after bereavement. The English Version, ”Voice of the Rishis” , in 108 verses was posted in TBP - by his nephew and our Moderator Mr.Jajisarma, from May 19th 2007 to 13th Sept.2007, in our TELUGU BHAKTI DIGEST.

Dr. Rao in early life practised yoga for ten years living on raw diet, visiting Himalayas etc. An ardent lover of Rishi cult, lover of classical music, a member of panel of Judges in AIR, Vijayawada, a Registered Medical Practitioner in Homeopathy and Founder of Indian Muscular Dystrophy Assn. (IMDA)., Retired Govt. College Principal by profession. Freelance journalist, toured widely in India.

A poet in English lyrics and Telugu. An established speaker in English and Telugu in AIR, Vijayawada. Ayurveda, Yoga, Cow worship, Literature, Universal Concepts and Love of nature are his absorptions.

Dr. R.Janardhana Rao,
PHONE 08672 222817