Swamy tells us the stories of Indian Sages

SV Swamy
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Sai Ram.
Thanks to TBP team for suggesting me this Satsang. As children, as adults and as parents, grandparents, we heard, read and narrated the wonderful stories of Saints and Sages (Rishis), stories that awed us and inspired us. Much of the literature is in Sanskrit and in our mother tongue Telugu but now English is the preferred medium of communication with children and grandchildren. So, a need is felt to share the stories in English so that in addition to Telugu Indians others who have interest in Indian Culture may also read and appreciate. Effort is made to keep the style simple and to explain the meaning of Sanskrit words as far as possible.

The sources for these stories are in Telugu. I am not presenting an exact translation (that is probably beyond my capability and also not of much interest to me), but rather a free adaptation of the stories with some interpretations regarding morals etc. of my own.


Sai Ram..
S V Swamy

Index of Sages

1. Chyavana Maharishi
2 Bhrigu Maharishi
3. Jamadagni Maharishi
4 Viswamitra Maharishi
5. Parasurama Mahrishi
6. Veda Vyasa Maharishi
7. Agastya Maharishi
8. Atri Maharishi
9. Pararsara Maharishi
10. Kapila Maharishi
11. Narada Maharishi