Bhargava Panchangam

This dispenses with the need for looking into thidhi , Vaaram , Nakshtram ,Varjam or Rahu Kalam.One need to note the exact time of the Sunrise of their locality .These Phalithalu (results) are given for every twenty four minutes basing the Sunrise as 6.00 A.M IST,which of course has to corrected with respect to exact time of Sunrise in their locality.This system is also known as Sukra Ghadiyalu and their results.

 This Almanac Album is dedicated to His Holiness :Sri Bandhakavi Ramajogeswara Rao Garu.,
who prophesies by Naadi Jyosyam.

 My sincere heart felt thanks to Sri P S N Kumar H O Andhra Bank Manager Hyderabad .,
who supplied me this material

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