Dharmas of the Body




The dharmas of the body.

             The durability of a thing depends on the way we use it. For instance when you buy a car, we are given hundred and one instructions regarding it and donít you strictly follow those? Do you pour diesel instead of unleaded petrol ? Why? Because you have spent money and because you know the value of money.

             What about your body car? It is an invaluable thing it is given as a boon to you by God through your parents free of cost. Your body has a guarantee card of 100 years. God has provided an ability to the body to repair itself of any problem automatically without going to the shed (hospital) in the 100 years of life span. Your duty is just to supply its natural needs.

             If an inanimate thing like car has some conditions to fulfil donít you think the precious body of yours can lay some terms and conditions? Do you know what they are ?

             The body which contains five elements has five dharmas to fulfil. 1. Dharma of water  2. Dharma of food 3. Dharma of exercise  4. Dharma of rest 5. Dharma of excretion (Dharma of Fasting)

             Your ill health is directly proportionate to your violation of the laws of the body. Good health is dharma and ill health is adharma. If you wish to drive out the diseases. You have to drive out adharma. This is the bare truth. If you are not cured of your disease. It goes without saying that you still persist in adharma.

             You go to a doctor, he canít cure you completely. You know why ? Doctor hasnít created this body. So the cure is not in his hands. It is nature which nurtures and protects your body. Your health virtually lies in the hands of nature and your dharmic behaviour in accordance with nature. So you should strike at the root cause of evil. You donít have to spend your wealth to regain your health if you change your attitude. The best way is to lead a life of dharma.