Dharma of Exercise



3.Dharma of Exercise :

             No creature ever gets its food without any physical exercise. We alone shun our responsibility but eat food three times a day. In the mderndays, we are putting up 10% work and are eating 90%. As a result, our bodies contain 90% waste matter (ailments) and only 10% good health.

             Exercises helps you in many ways. It helps you to digest the food you have eaten, to distribute the nutrients from the digested food to all the parts of the body, to send out the waste matter after the nutrients are successfully utilized by different parts. This is the dharma of exercise. If you donít follow this dharma the waste matter which has to go out in the form of sweat remains in the body. Day by day they pile up, laying a foundation for diseases. Those who donít do physical work can compentsate this loss by doing yogasanas and pranayama.