Natural Life Slyle





Natural Life Style

             To get his wealth he spent his health.

             And then with might and main.

             He turned around and spent his wealth.

             To get his health again.

             This is how life is-in the modern days! There is not a single man who is not perfectly healthy ! In the mad rush for money riches and pleasures we are ignoring our health, our dharma! we know how to safeguard our car, how to clean our house but we do not know to safeguard our body car, how to clean our body home.

Why perfect health ?

             We are born as human beings for dharmic practice but not to eat, drink and be merry. We have no right to spoil the body of ours with diseases and ailments

             We got this blessed body of a man to fulfil a goal ultimately. We must use such body of ours only as a means to reach our goal. Shastras proclaim that we are different from our body. To reach our destination through this vehicle - our body, donít you think our body has to be in good condition ? Physical health is different from mental health. Hence physical health alone or mental health alone will not suffice. Perfect health comprises both physical and mental health. Both body and mind should be in perfect condition to attain success.

             Can you believe the fact that if you have a free motion two to three times a day makes you a perfectly healthy person ? But you must believe it ! Truth is stranger than fiction!

All about Natural Life Style in a Nutshell

Why Natural Life Style ?

             Nature is like mother. Tha is why it is fondly referred to as Mother Nature. The same way Naturopathy is the mother of all types of Medical Sciences. As you all know, Motherís milk is the best milk. Mother Natureís cure is the best cure for every diseased person.

The Difference between other Medical sciences and Nature cure

             In other medical sciences the patient is one, the ailments are many the doctors are many, the treatments are many. So even the problems are many. The patient is treated in bits and pieces thanks to super specialities, he is given medicines not to cure him completely but to subside his pain. He is not cured or prevented of his chronic diseases and mainly the patient is not made to give up his bad habits.

             Whereas in Natural Life Style the patients are many the diseases are many but the doctor is only one and do you know something ? The cure also is only one! It strikes at the root cause of evil. If the leak is at one place, the repair is done elsewhere, there is no use! The same way if your complaint is treated superficially you cannot be permanently cured.

The Root cause of evil.

             Take a simple point! Suppose you donít clear the dustbin in your house for two, three days! what happens ? The house gives a stinking smell, flies gather around there is no hygiene. The same law applies to your inner house-your body. If the output of waste matter is not in proportion to the input of food, the waste matter stagnates in different parts of your body.

             Out of the same raw material gold you wear a necklace to your neck, bangles to your hand, anklets to your ankles. The same way the wastematerial that stagnates at heart causes you heart attack, at knees arthritis at head headache and so on. So the root cause is same, the complaints are different.

How do you get rid of waste material ?

Very simple - Follow the dharmaís of your body.

Nature and Man

             There are five elements of nature - Earth, Water, Air, Fire,  Either (sky). All these put together is nature. All these are found in our body too. So our elders proclaimed that whatever takes place in the nature around takes place in the man too. We are only a part and parcel of nature. So our body is as holy as the mother nature.

             All the 84 lakhs of creatures have the five elements in them. They all live in the lap of nature. Hence they donít require medicines or doctors or hospitals. They are leading a hale and healthy life. Even our elders and rishis grasped this aspect. They have learnt to co-operate with nature and were able to lead a healthy life.

             We are falling a prey to temptations. We are eating not? what our body requires but what our tongue demands. We are eating without working we are not drinking water properly, not providing rest to the internal parts properly, not letting out waste matter properly.