Dharma of Rest



4.Dharma of rest

             You may think that you have not properly followed the aforesaid three dharmas, but you follow the dharma of rest very well since you sleep for 7,8 hours. No, thatís wrong. It is not enough if we give rest to our nerves, bones and joints. God wants us to give rest to the internal parts too (stomach, small interstine, liver, pancreas) But the tragedy is, no medical science gives importance to this dharma. Whatever energy we lose by working in the morning, we are regaining by giving rest to our body (nerves, bones and joints) at night, so that we can start afresh next morning.


 The same law applies to our digestive system. If we keep on eating till ten in the night and sleep then, the food does not get digested  till morning. The digestive system has to slog till then. Hardly does it get two to three hours rest when it is again supplied with bed coffee and tiffin. One the digestive system becomes weak, automatically foundation is laid for all diseases.

             The dharma of rest begins only after the food is digested completely in the digestive system. If the food is digested before you go to bed, your stomach and other parts get nearly eight hours rest from night ten to early morning.

            Once the food is digested the fifth dharma that is the dharma of excretion begins. If the dharma of rest is not followed properly, the dharma of excretion canít be followed