Dharma of Water



1. Dharma of water :

             The most essential requisite for our body is air. God himself has made arrangements for it. We breathe air even without our knowledge. Next comes water not food. This has to be supplied by us we have given a mistaken identity to food and brought food to second place. Since we violated the Dharma of water, we paved the way for diseases. The problems that arise out of the violation have to be rectified only by resorting to the dharma of water. Do you know that we can prevent 50% of diseases by just drinking plenty of water ? Yes, it is a bare truth.

             In Godís creation itself, three-fourth of the universe is water and one fourth is land. In the same way there is 68% water and only 32% solid matter in our body.

Our outer body is cleansed of dirt when we bathe in water. The sameway if we supply sufficient quantity of water to the inner body every cell inside will have a thorough bath. A cleaning effect takes place inside our body.

             It is an established fact that we should drink three times the quantity of water to the quantity of food we eat. That is the law of the body, that is the law of nature. On an average an adult takes 2 kgs of solid food. So he should drink nearly 5 to 6 litres of water. Itís not enough if you know how much to drink you should also know how and when to drink.

             You should not drink while eating in fact it is harmful. Water dilutes the digestive juices, food remains long in the stomach and intestines and digestion becomes slow. For instance, when you grind dal for idli you add water only later. The same way you should drink water only after the food is digested completely.

How to drink water

             a) Your blood and your body gets cleansed mostly by the water you drink early in the morning before breakfast. As soon as you get up, you can drink around a litre to litre and a half. You can do some exercise fifteen minutes after drinking water.

             b) After exercise or after 45 to 60 minutes you should drink again the same quantity of water. The first dosage of water soaks all the waste material in water and the second dosage enables an outlet to it through urine.

             You can have yet another dosage if you have a possibility. It will give a final wash to your internal body and purify your blood.

             You can take solid food 20 minutes after drinking water.

             c) You should again drink 3 glasses of water compulsorily half an hour before lunch.

             d) After food donít drink water for 2 hours. After that drink two glasses of water. Ever since then, till 15 minutes before taking another solid food, you can drink as much water as you can in installments.

             e) Finally you should drink 3-4 glasses of water half an hour before dinner.

             f) Two hours after food you should drink half to one glass of water.

             Donít entertain false notions like you urinate more, its not good for your kidneys and what not initially you may face some problems, but if you persist you can be cured of many of your minor but regular complaints like stomachache, ulcer, constipation etc. You can be cured very much faster this way than by taking medicines. Canít you believe it? Try it for just ten days, whole heartedly and see for yourself.