Dharma of Food


2. Dharma of food

             Every living organism is destined to eat a particular type of food based on the shape and size of its body. The dumb animals lead their life accordingly, whereas we human beings inspite of being intelligent have no proper knowledge till date.

             Our ultimate goal in life is attainment of Jnana. So we should eat the food that would get digested easily, would give us more energy in less time and send less waste material. The main dharma of food is it should contain life in it. Instead of providing such a food we are cooking, frying roasting and adding spices to the food. We are taking food at odd hours. To worsen it, we are eating as per our senses ignoring the dharma of the body. Can a car run with kerosene instead of petrol ? We are doing that to our body.

The problem caused to the body due to improper food should be rectified only by changing food habits, but not by providing medicines. For instance if we require unleaded petrol for our car and it is not available in the nearest bunk, are we not going very far to get the petrol we require? When we can realise this simple truth in the case of an inanimate thing like our car, canít we take greater care of our precious possession the one and the only body we have ? If we learn what to eat, how to eat and how much to eat and eat accordingly and follow such a life style, good health is assured to us.

             In the present day, you are not eating natural food. You are eating only ruchis. Ruchi is different from food. Food is for protection. Ruchi is for destruction.

             The first and foremost thing you have to do is to drive out the seven ruchis that spoil your health. They are salt, chilli powder, oil, ghee, sweet, sour and masalas. You can substitute these seven ruchis with different natural items which give you a two fold advantage. You can get ruchi and still be healthy. You can substitute salt with coconut, leafy vegetables, milk or curds in the curries. The natural salt in them substitutes the artificial salt you add. Use green chilli in the place of red chilli and chilli powder. Use amla, tamarind tender leaves, mangoes and lemon the place of tamarind. Use honey instead of sugar or jaggery. You can also use dates. Donít ever think of oil, ghee and masalas.

How is salt harmful :

             There are nearly 125 trillion cells in our body. Potasium is present in the protoplasm (sticky, wheatish thick liquid) of the cell, which means inside the cell. Sodium (salt) is present outside the cell. The ratio is 8%. 8% potasium inside and 1% sodium outside the cell for all the cells. These two can retain the 68% water in our body throughout. This ratio decides the health of a cell. The movements of the food into the cell and of the waste material outside the cell are good, if the ratio is normal. If the ratio is disturbed the cellís health is disturbed which in turn disturb the health of the body of its owner.

             The salt in the natural vegetables and fruits is called sodium. Sodium and potasium content in them is in the same ratio as in the cell. So you eat them as they are raw your health will not be disturbed. You cook them , the potassium content in it goes up and gets destroyed. To top it, you add salt to it. So the cooked food is harmful since it increases the salt content and decreases the potasium content. In other words their ratio is reversed. The cooked food and salty food is thus exactly opposite to the requirement of the cell. Consequently the cells become weak and since they donít get the required energy die out an untimely death. Their death gives birth to minor ailments which in turn foster major diseases.

             All fruits, vegetables, seeds sprouts, coconut, dates, milk, contain more of potasium and less of sodium. If you eat these the same ratio reaches your body and maintains the same ratio in your body life long.

             Cooking is harmful. Adding salt is more harmful. Adding oil, ghee and masalas is the most harmful. As it is it looks like this. it is a monkey. It drank wine, It jumped over fire. To top it, you keep it fridge, take it out heat it and eat it, you are doing the worst damage to it. The proteins, vitamins and nutrients you require would have all died down in the process.

             For instance sugar cane is very helpful. But the white sugar you make out of it in a factory by removing the fibre, by filtering it, by adding some binding agents some anti oxidants, some preservatives, some soluble agents and some colouring agents is the most harmful. Natural things you should take them as they are. You should not add artificial flavours or ingredients to them. Manís creation is only a destruction of Godís creation.

What to eat ?

             a) You can drink vegetable juice 20 minutes after you drink water. You can make juice out of tomato, carrot, beetroot, leafy vegetables, keera. Can add honey. Drink it slowly sip by sip for ten minutes.

             b) After an hour after drinking juice eat sprouts of green gram, bengal gram or soaked groundnuts you can add dates or coconut to them. Whatever you eat, you should chew it and eat !

             c) You should eat between 12 noon and 1 p.m. Eat unpolished rice or wheat or pulka with nearly 1kg curries cooked without oil, salt and seasoning. You can eat plenty of curds.

             d) Around 3.30 p.m. to 4p.m. you can eat fruits available at that particular time of the year.

             e) Around 6p.m. to 6.30p.m. eat pulkas with raw or cooked vegetables. With this you put a full stop for the day.

             f) You take raw food 60% (Vegetable juice + sprouts, fruits, coconut + dates) and 40% cooked food (lunch and dinner) it means you have fulfilled you dharma of food properly.